School Details

Government Hight Primary School, Gollahalli

"Educating 180 children every year"


School started in the year 1961 with strength of 40, current strength is around 378 students (boys-213, Girls-197).


Infrastructure: ELCIA Trust constructed HM room and facilitated by providing PEB roofing for lunch area. Regular upkeep of building by painting, other minor civil works as needed. Donation of student furniture for Nali-kali classrooms 1st to 3rd standard.

Library: Trust encouraged students studies by providing around 900 books.

Mid-day meals: is being supplied by ELCIA Trust through Akshaya Patra.

Learn through Computers: Learning made more interesting by teaching through computers & upkeep, regular maintenance charges are borne by ELCIA Trust.

Educational Trips: Around 300 students were taken to PVR, Koramangala to watch Hawa Hawaii movie.

Eco-friendly Ganesha Festival: An event was organized to promote eco-friendly Ganesha festival celebration by teaching students to make Ganesha idol using natural clay.